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1. What can I expect from the conference?
The Web has had a glorious existence of over two decades and has revolutionized the way we    work and live. It has been the catalyst for proliferating information across boundaries, enabling          effective communication and 24/7 service availability all leading to a digital, information based       economy that we have today. Yet, its direct influence has reached a small percentage of human        population. By virtue of being hosted in a growing developing country, bubbling with innovation,        this year's theme aims to highlight the need for expanding the horizons of the Web to become all             inclusive and pervasive, reaching out to every human life.

2. Where is the conference being held?
The 20th International World Wide Web 2011, is being held at the
Hyderabad International Convention Centre
Novotel & HICC Complex
(Near Hitec City)
P o Bag 1101
Cyberabad Post Office
Hyderabad - 5000 081

Telephone : + 91 40 6616 3000/ 6682 4422
Fax : + 91 40 6613 4322

3. Will there be a facilitation counter at the airport to assist regarding logistic support?
There will be a dedicated facilitation counter for the conference from March 27 (0000 hrs) - March 29 (2400 hrs).

4. How do I commute on arrival in Hyderabad (Airport/ Bus & Train Station) to the hotel?
There is a dedicated cab service from the Airport (Meru Cab/ City Cabs) are available at the airport counter which can be hired at Rs. 15 per km (approx.). From the local bus /train station you can take ride in the local transport by bus or auto rickshaws.

5. Is there a dedicated shuttle services from the Hotel to the Venue and back?
There will be a shuttle service provided to all delegates attending the conference from their designated hotel to the venue and back. The shuttle will be provided only from the following hotels:
20Th International World Wide Web Conference - TRANSPORTATION details
 28th March - 1st April 2011
HICC Hyderabad
S. No. Hotel Travel Time Morning Pick-up Evening Drop
28-Mar-11 Other days 30/ 31 Mar'11 Other days
1 ISTA 30 mins 700 hrs 730 hrs 2200 hrs 1730 hrs
2 THE WESTIN 20 mins 730 hrs 800 hrs 2200 hrs 1730 hrs
3 AT HOME 10 mins 730 hrs 800 hrs 2200 hrs 1730 hrs
5 LIVE WELL 15 mins 730 hrs 800 hrs 2200 hrs 1730 hrs
6 JUBILEE REACH 25 mins 700 hrs 730 hrs 2200 hrs 1730 hrs

6. Whom do we contact for local sightseeing?
There are many monumental places to visit in Hyderabad. You may contact the travel desk at the venue for details to book local tours.

7. In case of delay in Flight / train /bus schedule whom do we contact?
You are requested to contact the concerned airport and railway authorities for the same. Kindly inquire regarding you transport schedule 3 hrs before departure from your respective hotel. The travel time from the conference venue to the airport is approx 1 hour.

8. On arrival at the Venue will there be Volunteers to guide us to the registration counter/ respective halls?
We will have volunteers present at the venue who will direct you to the respective counters accordingly. There will also be signage directing you to various halls & meeting rooms.

9. For any issues with connectivity regarding Internet, Power, and adapter whom do we contact?
Internet related problems/ queries there will be a separate counter (Service Provider) near the registration counter whom you could seek assistance from. India's power is 230v 50hz and uses a "D" type power socket. It is advisable to bring an adaptor.

10. Who do we contact during the conference if any belongings are lost & found?
You may contact the May I Help You desk if you lose any of your belongings. The volunteers      present there will make necessary announcements to the delegates and request them to return       the belongings to the May I Help You counter

11. Are all the sessions timed according to the Program Schedule?
The sessions have timed according to Program Schedule as mentioned on         www.www2011india.com Kindly visit the website for regular updates. You can also get a print out       of the detailed program schedule from the conference website.

12. How will the delegates be informed in case of delay in Sessions or if any presentation by a Speaker is cancelled?
The matter will be escalated to the Program Chairs who will then make necessary announcements in the respective halls.

13. Whom do we contact any medical assistance if required?
In case of any medical emergencies, please approach the front office. Novotel has a doctor on   call facility and First Aid available at any point of time. The nearest hospital is located 4kms away       from the venue

14. Any other Queries?
You can approach the Help Desk for any other queries or information required during the conference hours.

15. In case of any suspicious or dangerous materials found whom do we report to?
If you come across any materials/ baggage which look suspicious please report to the front office immediately.

16. What is the currency used in India?
Indian National Rupees (INR) is the official currency of India. Approximately the conversion rate for the same is, 1USD = 46INR. You can look for a Foreign Exchange counter at the airport, on your arrival.

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