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Ph. D. Symposium
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Introduction to PhD Symposium
Xiafang Zhou; Vasudeva Varma

Measurement and Analysis of Cyberlocker Services 
Aniket Mahanti

Summarization of Archived and Shared Personal Photo Collections 
Pinaki Sinha

Cooperative Anti-Spam System Based On Multilayer Agents 
Wenxuan Shi; Yalou Huang; Maoqiang Xie

Ranked answer graph construction for keyword queries on RDF graphs without distance neighbourhood restriction 
K Parthasarathy; P Sreenivasa Kumar; Dominic Damien

Computational Advertising: Leveraging User Interaction & Contextual Factors for Improved Ad Retrieval & Ranking
Kushal Dave

Standing on the Shoulders of Ants: Stigmergy in the Web 
Aiden Dipple

Dynamic Learning-based Mechanism Design for Dependent Valued Exchange Economies 
Swaprava Nath

Performance Enhancement of Scheduling Algorithms in Clusters and Grids using Improved Dynamic Load Balancing Techniques 
Hemant Mehta; Manohar Chandwani; Priyesh Kanungo

Analysis and Tracking of Emotions in English and Bengali Texts: A Computational Approach 
Dipankar Das

A Politeness Recognition Tool for Hindi 
Ritesh Kumar

Sentence-Level Contextual Opinion Retrieval 
Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye

Application of Semantic Web Technologies for Multimedia Interpretation 
Ruben Verborgh

Towards Liquid Service Oriented Architectures 
Daniele Bonetta

Fuzzy Associative Rule-based Approach for Pattern Mining and Identification and Pattern-based Classification 
Aashish M; Vikram Pudi

Addressing the RDFa Publishing Bottleneck 
Xi Bai

The OXPath to Success in the Deep Web 
Andrew Sellers

Wikipedia Vandalism Detection 
Santiago M. Mola-Velasco


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